About this project

Colour photograph of a row of grey archive  boxes of zines with handwritten labels.

As the [librarian] opened the door to the private viewing room, something immediately caught my eye. Placed amongst the zines was a bright pink, A5 publication yelling “Bast”. To the left was a black and white handwritten piece and to the right, a photograph stuck to paper with floral decorative tape. As one title put it, “THIS IS A ZINE. NOT A GLOSSY!”.  (Lydia Jackson – BA Contemporary Media Cultures 2019-20: LCC Zine Collection visit)

To ensure that the LCC Zine Collection remains in some way accessible to our UAL community while we are away from out physical environments, the LCC Special Collection team have sought to gather a range of sources to provide an on-line representation of the collection and its teaching and learning activities.  

This project is a collation of the following elements:

  • On-line versions of or links to information about some of the individual [fan]zines held in the collection
  • Examples of [fan]zine sessions typically delivered by librarians
  • On-going work for the International and non-English language [fan]zine funded project
  • Some of our backroom and archived zine collection content not normally shared [on a temporary basis]

This is an evolving and on-going project and we welcome any suggests and input from our community.

Colour, mostly black, white and green. Photograph of a pile of illustration zines.

Navigation guide

We have differentiated two types of content in this site:


The selection principle for all documents and information fields within this on-line resource represents the extent and scope of what the LCC Special Collection Team was able to retrieve on site before the University’s buildings were closed.

Permissions and copyright clearance has not been negotiated for all the fanzine and zine images. We will remove all these documents once we return to our physical learning and teaching UAL environments.

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