Crooked Fagazine ed. Coulombe, Jordan.

Image cover of Issue 1 Crooked Fagazine
cover photo by Nick Bostick

Canadian Montreal-based writer/editor who invites storytellers, who are shameless in their storytelling / confessional writing. Crooked is a print magazine started in 2013 for “shameless confessional storytelling, written by and for gay lords, bad lovers, degenerates and tattle-talers.” If you are interested in candid and confessional queer writing look for further than Crooked, edited and published by Montreal writer Jordon Coulombe.

Issue #1 Includes articles on the history of queer zines, the campaign to clean up Montreal’s gay village, a guide to Montreal dives, prison pen pals, and artist Jonathan Reid-Sevigny.

Our collection holds the resulting zine in our Folder 41 : Library Catalogue

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