Reason to Believe

'Reason to believe' zine page. Black and white, printed, mostly text. Small photographs of an old warehouse, the 1 in 12 club meetings, and May Day protest.

Reason to Believe was a DIY hardcore punk zine produced in Leeds in the early 2000’s by the Reason to Believe Collective. The zine focuses on various aspects of DIY punk culture and was a quarterly free newsprint magazine.

In the LCC Zine Collection we hold the above 2001 special issue which celebrates 20 years of the 1 in 12 Club, an autonomous venue formed in 1981 by Bradford’s anarchist orientated Claimants Union. See Library Catalogue.

We also hold a 2003 issue of the zine: see Library Catalogue. Contents include: The International Solidarity Movement, Palestine, The Days of Resistance against the G8 in Evian and Tibet, plus interviews with bands The Barnhouse Effect, Skitkidz, Nikmat Olalim and Rai Ko Ris.