Some covers

A short story about [fan]zine covers

There is a knack to laying out [fan]zines for a session. Each [fan]zine must be placed with due consideration and precision, lines must be straight, and angles calculated. The black tablecloth is the grid and not simply a preservation tool. Each [fan]zine has its own guttering specification: 4cm for Vague: 5.5cm Candy heart felt: 2.5cm Long live Vinyl: Bedsit Journal 3.5cm: Catalogue of Concern 3cm: 1.5cm Obsession and so on. Gaps larger than 25cm are okay. Aesthetically an expanse of black can be pleasing and restful but equally, gaps can be filled using the ‘slotting-in’ method. This requires the use of the unselected [fan]zines, those generally left in their archival sleeves for no other reason than a tacit sense of even numbering.  As long as the placement principles are followed these [fan]zines can be placed vertically or horizontally; it’s often useful to step back and assess the guttering for these latecomers. At this point I catch my breath – perfect – the black grid looks beautiful today. The class arrives. Gasps. Smiles. Exclamations. Excitement. You name it I’ve seen it and heard it all.  My grid is rarely noticed.  [LCC Special Collection librarian]

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