Over the past 10 years the LCC Special Collection librarians have delivered 395 [fan]zine sessions and workshops to 7,965 students across all 6 UAL colleges, programmes, schools and courses. Additionally, over the past 2 years 318 students and researchers have consulted 3,492 [fan]zine titles for their research and scholarly activity. It is probably safe to say that the LCC Zine Collection is a valuable asset to the learning and teaching activities at UAL. While we can not offer viewing appointments or workshops we hope that the following session presentation may be useful while we are away from UAL’s physical environments.

A ‘show and tell’ session – these sessions typically introduce and contextualise [fan]zines while highlighting meaning, form and taxonomy.

Many of our sessions and workshops are tailored to curriculum units and UAL funded projects. Manifestos, Alternative Voices, Visual literacy, Curation, Narrative and Identity are some of the themes used while object based learning, experiential learning and critical pedagogy have been used to structure workshops.

This is the [fan]zine produced by the students from the 2018 LCC Academic Support Collaborate Week 6 in which each student responded to a zine of their choice using creative writing exercises to generate content.

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