John Marr zine

Author and lecturer Dan Taylor describes his John Marr zine (the third issue, with an alternative spelling, of his J’en ai marre zine) in his website as follows:

The epic John Marr zine was produced out of about a year’s worth of writing, whilst at university. It began easily but soon spiralled out of control, and the final text is huge – a huge zine produced primarily by myself, with a play from Nick Donohoe and some poems, comics by Sarah H, and some other poems by Mike O’Neill. Inside are biscuit reviews, a review of birds (I was reading a lot of occult shit at the time), features on the theatre, gentrification in south London, as well as short stories about dog racing, the beautiful Dorothea, a Woolwich burial and, the one I’m most proud of, In Vino Veritas. This zine I feel is the best I’ve made, and I reprinted it not so long ago, and there’s a few still in stock.

We have a copy of it in our Folder 7: Library Catalogue.

John Marr zine. Black city map on red background on inside cover and black and white page one, text and photograph of a building.

You can read John Marr zine in issue [accessed 20/4/2020].