The Mill Press: The Spaces Issue

The Mill Press: The Spaces Issue is a zine that explores the implications of spaces through writing, poetry, photography and interviews. On page 3 of the zine it explains the nature of The Mill Press, “an independent publisher and writing house, based in London and Manchester. Its purpose is to investigate and explore subjects of intrigue and ambiguity. Created by two sisters, this project encapsulates a lifetime of shared interests in art, design, writing and photography”.

Our copy of the zine is held in Folder 13: Library Catalogue.

Grey and black "The Mill press" the spaces issue zine cover with small printed title text in 2 fonts over an out of focus photograph of bare branched trees.

Info about the zine can be found in page 29 of this Article Magazine and good quality scans of the zine are available in this blog post [accessed 19/5/2020].