1/2 (in French: Un demi) is “a project of artistic exchange between four french artists/graphic designers [Laure Boer, Anne-Pauline Mabire, Lucie Pindat and ChloĆ© Thomas] who live in four different cities” (see: Who). Through the duration of this project the collective published several hand-made zines, usually featuring drawing, photography and risography. You can read a brief interview about the project and check some news about their publications in the Artzines webpage.

We hold issue number 3: Special Wein in our collection: Library Catalogue.

3 Colour photographs of interior pages of the "1/2" zine. Different printed illustrations and type in various colours on various page sizes.

In 1/2 website you can see samples from issue 3 and all the other zines [accessed 8/6/2020].