Nancy. A queer zine issue #1 is a zine created by Alex Creep (see Alex’s portfolio) in 2011. A zine about femininity particularly among queer men, it features articles about: Effeminate gay men; The over-sexualisation of gay culture; Dear Katie Sketch from The Organ; Wearing make up/thick eyebrows; obsession with Japanese culture; The author’s top five animes; Screen queens: femmey gays of TV and film; Hunx and his Punx; We are the weirdos mister; The Devine David.

You can read two interviews with the author about the first issue of Nancy and the second issue.

Our copy of Nancy #1 is held in Folder 39: Library Catalogue.

"Nancy a queer zine title" and drawing of a child with pink stripped t-shirt and two kittens.

Salford Zine Library’s website has some information about the zine [accessed 19/2/2021].