Preston is my Paris

Preston is my Paris is one of UK’s most celebrated photography zine projects. Made by photographers Adam Murray and Robert Parkinson between 2009-2019, it explored the city of Preston — its architecture, community, fashion — as a creative subject. Following this aesthetic of the local and the everydayness, they went onto publishing parallel works in different locations (you can see a list of their publication online). In 2019 they published a volume compiling this decade-long project.

Our collection holds numbers 1, 4, 5, 10 and 13 of Preston is my Paris and one of their side zines, You could be in London, you could be in Vegas, but you’re in Brierfield: Library catalogue.

Two covers of 'Preston is my Paris' zine. Black and white photograph of a middle aged woman dressed in the1940s style. Colour photograph of an elderly couple.

Visit Preston is my Paris website for information and samples from all their zines. [acessed 14/4/2020]

Some other recommended reading:

See more images from their zines in the ARCHIZINES online showcase. For a short introduction to the project, read this Wallpaper article. And for further research, these two interviews from 2015 and 2019 are an excellent resource.