Ripped and Torn

Ripped and Torn was a punk fanzine produced between 1976-1978 by Tony Drayton. We hold issues number 4, 9, 10, 15 and 17 in our collection: Library Catalogue.

Mostly black and white collage consisting of 'Ripped & Torn' zine covers. Green and red elements.

Tony D describes the process of creating the zine,

‘I was growing up in public by broadcasting my raw and new found views in each issue, but so was punk as we progressed from Sex Pistols to Ants to Crass. The Sex Pistols I put on a lot of the covers of Ripped & Torn, and I did the first interviews with Adam Ant and Crass.’

The Ecstatic Peace Library produced a book spanning Issues 1-17 in 2018 entitled Ripped and Torn: The UK’s Loudest Punk Fanzine, you can find to the publication in the online zine library

You can read Tony D’s personal website here and further information, interviews and podcasts with Tony D here. [accessed 17.04.20]