Brass Lip

Brass Lip was an English punk music fanzine with a feminist slant produced in 1979. It was edited by Syd Freake and Connie Klassen and designed by the notable comic artist Suzy Varty. There was only one issue produced and it features bands such as Raincoats, Liggers, Poison Girl, Kleenex, The Mekons and Au Pairs.

We hold a copy of Brass Lip in our collection: see Library Catalogue

Black and white collage. A face built from a couple of other faces with the title text running across the eyes. Photo of a couple dressed like king and queen in a top section of the cover.

You can find a PDF download of the zine from the online blog [accessed: 10.04.20].

Brass Lip is mentioned in the book No Future: Punk, Politics and British Youth Culture, 1976-1984 by Matthew Worley of which an online preview is available on Google books.