Raise some hell!

The CRAP! (Child Rearing Against Patriarchy!) Collective, the “network of parents, educators and people who care about children, who want a feminist upbringing for the next generation” (see their website) made Raise some hell! A feminist child-rearing zine for everyone in 2008 after a discussion group on feminism and child-rearing.

We hold a copy in our Folder 5: Library Catalogue.

'Raise some hell' black and white zine front and back cover. Photograph of a child speaking through a megaphone on front cover. Handwritten title. Collage of cartoon characters and Barbie dolls on the back cover.

PDF version of the zine [accessed 22/4/2020].

We also hold a copy of their 2009 kidzine Spratz! in our Folder 1: Library Catalogue. Unfortunately this zine is no longer online, but you can read a review of it in Jezebel.