The Coming Insurrection

The Coming Insurrection (L’insurrection Qui Vient) is a polemic, radical anarchist essay written in 2007 under the anonymous authorship of the Comité Invisible.

First published in French by Editions La Fabrique, it became the centre of the legal case against the Tarnac Nine — read Alberto Toscano’s “The was against pre-terrorism“. After the case became notable, it was officially published in English by Semiotext(e) in 2009 — you can read a summary on “The Coming Insurrection” website — but it was also made publicly available through the (now closed) tarnac9 blog and distributed by The Anarchist Library.

Our zine collection holds a copy of The Anarchist Library booklet in our Folder 9: Library Catalogue.

Black and white "The coming insurrection" zine cover. Photograph of protestors and fire with small printed title text, on green paper.

Read the English translation in The Anarchist Library [accessed 28/4/2020].