From its ‘about’ Facebook page, Subhuman is described as:

a 16-page Xerox publication edited and published by Cecil Doyle between 1986-1991. It featured reviews & opinions on unusual horror and sleaze films, usually released on videocassette (which was the dominant home-viewing system of the time). It had an eye-popping yet simple cut-n-paste graphic design and also featured sick comic strips, illustrations, interviews with folks in the business as well as reviews of outrageous films (including some that never existed). Regular contributors included familiar names in the ‘zine world of the 1980s including Greg Goodsell, Kris Gilpin, David Dodge, Dom Salemi, Dave Szurek and others.

Our collection holds issue #3, 1986, in Folder 12: Library Catalogue.

Black and white "Subhuman" issue 3 zine cover. Cut and paste photograph and typewritten text showing two women in a corporal punishment scenario.

Subhuman Film Fanzine in Facebook hosts information about the zine. See more info in the moviemag database and some scans in Postmodern Trasheology [accessed 13/5/2020].