Performance is an A5 anthology zine themed around gender, performance, and performativity. The zine was published in 2016 by One Beat Press, a zine collective and distro run by Sarah Broadhurst and Jules Scheele.

One Beat collective produced zines, comics and art, showcasing the work of women and and non-binary artists from 2014 to 2018

Black and white cover featuring an line drawing illustration of abstract face. The face is distorted with an overlapping image of a closed eye in a box obscuring the image of the eye underneath, and with another image of a bleeding eye placed over the cheek. The face is further distorted and obscured with an illustration of a booklet held over the face. The booklet obscuring the lower part of the face includes a lipstick outline of a mouth. The title 'Performance' sits at the top of the cover art. The text appears in alternating black and white letters on contrasting background in a cut and paste effect.

The cover art above is by Brigid Deacon

You can see images and text taken from the zine. [accessed 18/02/2021]

We hold a copy of this zine in our library