Hoax zine

Hoax zine is a long-running queer feminist zine published in the US since 2009. Every issue consists of compiled essays edited under feminism’s relationship towards one topic, e.g. mythologies, community, communication, relationships… You can read about most issues subjects and indexes in Hoax’s website. An overview and summary of the first 9 issues can be read in ZineWiki.

Two parallel publications to the main zine are fully available online through Hoax zine Issuu page.

Black and white cover with title "hoax. issue number three. feminism and health". Drawing reminiscent of early imagery of female healers, shows a female presenting person transferring liquid into a a cauldron in a lit fireplace.

We have in our collection issue #3 of Hoax zine, dedicated to feminism and health, and can be found in Folder 10: Library Catalogue.