Bad therapy/Rad therapy

Bad therapy/Rad therapy is an illustrated zine made by artist Rudy Loewe (you can read a profile of them in Queer Healing Journeys). It is cleverly designed so the cover can be folded in or out, making it two zines in one. It shows the author’s advice on therapy based on their experiences. You can read a review of it on Syndicated Zine Reviews and it was listed on Dazed as one of The mental health zines filling the gap that therapy doesn’t.

Rudy’s portfolio shows some images from the zine [accessed 3/3/2021].

Cover of the zine with a drawn face profile filled with black dots and the title "Bad therapy" and author "Rudy Loewe".

Our copy of Bad therapy/Rad therapy is kept in Folder 56: Library Catalogue.