Black women & self care

Black women & self care. Thoughts on mental health, oppression & healing is a reflective zine written by Canadian artist Naomi Moyer. In her website she describes it as:

This zine is first and foremost for all self identifying black women as well as anyone who experiences mental health. In it, I share my musings on how mental health and our well being links to our experiences with oppression. The goal is to encourage more healing. 

The zine is reviewed in Bitchmedia article ‘Cut & Paste: Zines About Mental Health and Self Care‘ and Dazed ‘The mental health zines filling the gap that therapy doesn’t‘. You can freely read an interview with Naomi on Super Selected and, if you have UAL login rights, another on Broken Pencil. [Accessed 3/3/2021].

Blue cover of zine showing title "Black women & self care. Thoughts on mental health, oppression & healing" and image of black woman with a dialogue bubble that says "self love matters".

Our copy of Black Women & Mental Health is kept in Folder 77: Library Catalogue.