Scarlet Women

Scarlet Women was a pioneering publication born after the 1976 Women’s Liberation Conference, in an effort to create a space of communication and shared ideas for a socialist feminist network. Calling themselves a newsletter, collectively and handmade printed in North Shields (Tyne and Wear), its mixture of handwritten and drawn, typed, and cut and paste styles precludes the zine ethos and aesthetics that would get to consolidate in the next decade.

A short history and documentation of Scarlet Women can be read in Red Flag Walks and Penny Remfry, one of the members of the collective, briefly talks about its origins and politics in this video for Northumbria University. Issue #11 can be read thanks to Irish Books & Zines and issue #15 through Women Artists of the North East Library. [Accessed 29/3/2021]

Our collection holds number 5, 12 and 13 of Scarlet Women: Library Catalogue.