One Of My Kind

OOMK (One Of My Kind) is a collective and zine working since 2013 in publishing projects about women (particularly Muslim women), art and activism. As a collective, they have been a powerful influence in London’s zine community, co-curating the DIY Cultures Fair and constantly running workshops and projects. Their zines, taking “inspiration from decolonial, feminist, religious and punk movements in creating methods of self-organisation” (see: OOMK Manifesto) perfectly bound and designed to perfection, collect writing and artworks from collaborators and focus each in an art-making related topic (past issues have focused on topics like Print, Collecting, Drawing or The Internet) and aim to create a space for alternative communities.

OOMK have their own website. You can extensively read about their work in the following links: interviews in Eye On Design, The Fader, Stack, i-D, Huck, and Time Out. [Accessed 30/3/2021].

Our collection holds issues number Two, Three, Four and Five of OOMK and their curated publication The Library Was: Library Catalogue.