Gonzalo / Gustavo / Gisella

Gonzalo, Gustavo and Gisella is a trilogy of Spanish-language fanzines written edited by the Argentinians Melina Dorfman and Leandro Salvati. They compile embarrassing sexual anecdotes narrated by a series of interviewed people credited in name without being associated to the particular texts, creating an ambivalence about the speaker’s gender and sexuality through the stories.

Our copies of each of the zines of the trilogy are held in our Folder 16: Library Catalogue.

"Gonzalo/Gustavo/Gisella" zine's interior double page spread. Yellow paper. Left page is a photograph of a young smiling woman in a sweatshirt. Right page is print text in various fonts and sizes.

Information and pictures from each of the zine are available in Malik’s website: Gonzalo, Gustavo, Gisella [accessed 16/6/2020].